Why Wanderer?

The concept of wandering has always fascinated me. It makes me think of journeys and adventures. Sometimes I wander in my own mind trying to come up with new designs or projects to help others or make money (My degree is in Biomedical Engineering, I work in the Medical Device field).

Wandering was part of my life growing up, or I thought it was. I rode horses with my dad and grandpa, they knew the trails and I did not. I always thought that I was lost but they knew where we were most of the time. When they didn’t we wandered until we did.

But the reason I chose wanderer for this project is because my wife can be described as a wanderer…
“You make plans until you’re ready to leave, then leave the plans behind.
You trust your gut more than any tour guide.
You’re fascinated by maps and oceans.
You find beauty in the ugly and ugly in the beautiful.
Your family is the only reason you ever return home.”
Excerpts from: http://elitedaily.com/life/wanderlust-is-real-the-22-signs-youre-a-wanderer/

A wanderer is also described as someone who is looking for a place to fit in. We can all be wanderers at times, searching for a place to belong. It may or may not have to do with her Eating Disorder but I think this describes my Bree. Always searching but not quite sure what she’s looking for because she finds something of value everywhere she is. We’ve found places to belong and we keep finding more. I think we’ll keep wandering until we’ve run out of places we want to be. I hope we meet lots more wanderers on the path.

About Me:

First and foremost, I am a husband and father. I take those roles very seriously. I spend every moment that I can with my children. I love teaching them new things and watching them learn and explore the world around them. I find great joy in helping them grow up. As much as I love all of that, I still think that being a husband is my favorite part of life. I love my job, I seek education and truly enjoy learning, I like sharing and communicating with others, but my life would be incomplete without my wife. She grounds me and always reminds me of what is most important. When my mind says get angry or frustrated her calming voice is there to ask “is this really a big deal?” and most of the time the answer is no. But when the answer is yes, she fully supports me in whatever action we agree needs to take place. This is particularly effective when raising children.

One of the greatest drivers in my life is my Hope. I love the concept of being hopeful and I believe it ties greatly to our outlook and outcome in life. I don’t think I need to get churchy here, just enough to let you know the source of my hope and my faith. Sometimes that spirituality will bleed through and I hope it never offends but I’d rather offend man than God and I would not be who I am today without Him and his Son. I believe we all have light (Their light) in us and we need to share it. When we have hope we can do the impossible. This may make me a dreamer but I think I like Wanderer better.

About Us:

We are Bree and Thomas. We met in High School when we were seniors. We met on the 4th of July and that remains our favorite holiday. Our next favorite holiday is Halloween. My wife can be a little dark at times but still has a bright and loving soul. That may not make a lot of sense but those who know her will understand. I look forward to introducing her to everyone else.

We love exploring with our kids, mostly beaches and lakes. I recently took a position with my company in Concord, California. Moving has been an adventure, some of Bree’s challenges have come in waves. This day was easy but yesterday was really hard. We’ve had to find new healthcare professionals including those specific for her needs. We are working together and growing stronger together. I am loving the journey. I don’t love when she struggles but I have hope that as we work on it together that the struggles will become less burdensome and more bearable. I am not as much of a Wanderer as she is but her ways are growing on me.

About Eating Disorder:

A quick definition is… COMING SOON 🙂

In order to provide an accurate description I plan on consulting with a Marriage and Family Therapist, a Therapist with Eating Disorder experience, and a Dietitian (or a few of each).