Fellow Wanderers

There are many types of Wanderers. That’s the beauty of the concept, we have all been wanderers. Some of us know our path and some of us are seeking a path. No matter who you are or where you wander you will face battles and you will need support. These Fellow Wanderers are part of that support system for Bree and I. (The headings are links)

The Conquer Shop

Directly from their site: “Our Mission is to stand together and show support in the face of Cancer, Lupus, Depression, Diseases and Adventures of all kinds. You are not alone; together, we Conquer All The Things.

A portion of every sale is donated to St Jude’s Research Hospital to help children fight and overcome their battles with cancer.”

We all have people who love and support us. Sometimes we just don’t know that they are there. This shop is one way for us to show that we support one another in our battles. “Together We Conquer”! (Their “Our Story” page)

The Tailored Market

I should really get Kallie to write a paragraph to introduce herself her but until I do that here is a link to her “About Us” section. There is also a description in my Fellow Wanderers post. Her goal is to create a shop where everyone is accepted. Kallie has faced her own battles and shares her story, I know her sharing has helped Bree and I know it has helped and will help many others. Check out her site, buy some clothes and keep wandering knowing that you have someone on your side.